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How to use Route Mapper

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Click on the map or use the search form to select your route.
The map shows all direct and connecting cities from SDF

  • To view schedules on a direct route , click on a destination then select "show flights for ..."

  • To view onward flights from a direct route , click on a destination then select "show map for onward routes from ..."

    This map shows the possible onward destinations that can be reached from SDF.

    Some of these routes may have valid connecting flights. To check for valid connections, click on an onward destination. Some routes may not show connecting flights if two separate tickets are required to travel the route.

  • To view connecting flights from the main map, click on a city dot. The schedules will be displayed in the timetable. The map will show the possible via points on this route.

  • To select a new date , use the calendar and click Search. Clicking on the map shows schedules for "today".

  • To go back to the main map, click "Refresh Map" .

  • To start a new search, click "New Search"

    • Note: the map displays all non-stop and one-stop destinations
    • Direct destinationsdirect
      Connecting destinationsconnecting
    • Direct routesdirect route
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